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What are the basic rules for surfing ?

The practice of surfing is free, however there are a few basic rules to follow :

~ Follow the beach zoning
~ Use appropriate equipment for your level of practice
~ Do not overstate your abilities and begin in surf spots where you can walk.
~ Respect the rules of priority and friendliness to avoid collisions:

¤ General Priority Rule = 1 wave, 1 surfer
¤ Never go on a wave if there is someone in front (surfer, swimmer,...)
¤ Always get around the surf zone to go back to the pick

GPS Coordinates ?

Latitude: 43.798649 | Longitude: -1.410804

What do I need to bring for my surfing lesson ?

No more than a swimsuit or a bikini ! (preferably not boardshorts as you might not feel very comfortable with the wetsuit on top)

You will be lended a neoprene wetsuit to your waist. There are being rinsed in biologic antibacterial after each use.

Think of bringing suncream, a towel and something to drink to rehydrate after a sports effort !

When is the surf school opened ?

Weekly courses can start any time, depending on your date of arrival. It is always better to start the soonest to make sure you benefit of the best conditions of ocean and weather ! Usually weekly courses start on the Sunday for those who will arrive on the Saturday to their holiday resort.

The surf school opens from April to the end of October. However, as we cannot install the school more than 4 months on the maritime area, we will welcome you in La Prade or directly on the surf sport during April-May and after Mid September.

Opening hours: 9am-7pm July-August
April-May-June-September-October :10am-4pm at La Prade
Hotline 9am-7pm all year

Do I have to book in advanced and How ?

Advanced booking can assure you a place in a group suitable to your level and age.

To do so, please enter your details in the infos request at the right if the screen. We will Email you back shortly with all bookings information.

A 30% deposit will be required, which can be paid through the E-shop or by bank transfer (bank details sent on request). The rest amount will have to be paid at your arrival by credit card or cash.

Please click on the "turn and conditions" link below for more details regarding our sales terms.

What age and what level is required for surfing ?

Everybody can surf, as soon as you are able to swim 25 meters long and you can immerse your head. Whatever your level, your physical condition and size, you will have great fun at surfing your first waves.

Surf courses for young children are allways planned at very low tide, so that they can learn in the best conditions towards their size and physical strengh. Young children can stand up really easily and will slide very quickly on their first waves.

How long does it take to learn surfing ?

Well, all your life… Even 12 times world champion Kelly Slater is still learning every time he goes into the water on one of the best surf spots all over the world!

Surfing conditions will depend on the swell, tides, sand bancs… Same for learning surfing… so many parameters that will make every surf session a new sensation !

Some people stand up during their first surf cours. Usually it takes to 2 to 3 lessons but you might start lying down on your surfboard. It will also depend on your physical and physiological abilities.

The best option is a 5 to 6-day course, for you will to encounter several sea conditions, types and shapes of waves, tides and currents…

You will be more confident and able to assess ocean conditions by yourself. You may join a higher level group or take a private course to improve on a specific subject. You may also start experiencing by yourself ! We have several surfboard for rent if you are so minded !

What’s the way to Messanges on the French Atlantic Coast ?

What way to reach Messanges on the French Atlantic Coast ?

By car, RN10 motorway to exit no.11 (Magesq).

By train, Nearest stations are Saint-Vincent de Tyrosse and Dax stations - Dax is only 4 hours from Paris by TGV ! Buses from the RDTL bus company can drive you from Dax to Messanges (line no.6)

By sea, ferry from Portsmouth to Bilbao and Plymouth to Santander.

By plane : several regular lines and low cost flights (Easyjet & Ryanair) from many places in Europe to Biarritz (60km) or Bordeaux (150km)

Green advise : Prefer the train or carpooling ! On spot, you can easily get around by bike on the numerous cycle paths.
Less pollution, more fun for you and our planet!

Is surfing dangerous ?

So could it be… if you would go surfing on your own for the first time without knowledge of the ocean and no information.

During surfing courses, we will widely discuss the knowledge of the natural environment in which we operate. We will educate about the dangers of the ocean, how to understand, anticipate and avoid them.

Safety instructions will be given before entering the water. We will lead you to the surf spots that will most suit your level at the best time of the day.
We will teach you how to handle your surfboard in the water in total safety. You will first learn with water to the waist.

Our instructors are like dolphins in the water and they know their beaches and surf spots on the fintips ! By following their instructions, you will highly reduce any risk of accident!

Do not hesitate to ask us for advises, this is why our team is there. Our priorities are your safety, your success and you to have great fun!

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